Luděk Čermák LCM 1Interim Management is a short-term assignment in a management position with focus on specific, mutually agreed objectives.

There are no universal solutions in interim management. Each project presents its own circumstances and I offer an individual approach and solution to your unique situation.

Below are some examples of typical assignments for company circumstances, presented by the type of interim management. These areas are further explained below in the link “interim management”.

Substitution Interim Management, as is evident from the name, is essentially a temporary manager, such as a CFO, working for a pre-agreed fixed period of time.

Project Interim Management can be focused on finances to eliminate existing problems, reduce costs, or setup controls for more efficient future operation of the company. Merger and acquisition projects are another possible area where you may need an interim manager to supplement or replace internal resources.

Transition Interim Management includes objectively addressing problems for companies already facing a critical situation. This can include crisis management or a company restructuring. In some extreme situations, it is first necessary to resolve an impending insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings.