According to analyses carried out by major consulting companies, many Czech and European companies have serious deficiencies in the management of working capital. As one example, you can read, among others, this article.

As part of my service, I offer an analysis of the current state of your company’s working capital management. Following submission of the draft savings and the introduction of the model “Reducing working capital” for possible matching activities of each division or department. Elimination of dead capital is very cogently comparable to burning stored fat in the article mentioned above. It should be expected to save between 0.1{a80678b8d390b76a35a9801984635c8cd1723e006f287829f9f41af6cb0bad03} – 1.0{a80678b8d390b76a35a9801984635c8cd1723e006f287829f9f41af6cb0bad03} of turnover after the optimization is applied, depending on the field and the specific situation. According to your turnover, this may be reaching millions CZK.